We're updating the Oura app and the ring firmware regularly, so please make sure that you always have the latest app and firmware* versions installed. 

*The ring battery level needs to be more than 50% for the firmware update to start.


Known issues for iOS and Android

  • Ring battery consumption

In some rare cases the ring battery consumption has been significantly higher than it should, and the battery has run out in less than 1-2 days. We’re currently investigating these cases. If the problem persists, and your ring battery runs out too fast, please try to factory reset your ring.

  • I don't see my resting heart rate / HRV data in the graph

There's a known issue that has caused resting heart rate and/or HRV data not to show in the respective graphs in the app (either completely or for the most parts). Our team is working on the issue, and we'll release improvements with a new ring firmware version as soon as possible. 

Note: there are situations where Oura may not show your resting heart rate and heart rate variability graphs properly, for example if your resting heart rate is exceptionally low (below 30 bpm) or you have exceptionally high HRV (respiratory sinus arrhythmia, or other arrhythmia).

  • My sleep data isn't synced to the app

We've been reported by some users that their sleep data isn't synced to the app, but the app shows activity data for the day. We're investigating this issue, and will release a fix as soon as possible. If you notice that your sleep data isn't synced to the app (either continuously or occasionally), switching your phone's Bluetooth off for the nights can help to avoid this issue. 

  • I can't update ring firmware

We’ve discovered cases where a ring firmware update fails. Our team is working on this issue. Meanwhile, if you face problems in updating your ring firmware when the app prompts you to do so, first try restarting your phone. Also a ring factory reset can help (remember to back up your data first).

  • I get very low activity scores and no steps

We have received some reports telling that the Oura app shows no or very little activity data, and no steps. We’re currently investigating the cases. Meanwhile, you may be able to solve this issue with a ring factory reset.


Known issues for Android

  • I don’t see my sleep or readiness data in the morning

There have been some reported cases where sleep data hasn't been visible in the morning. The latest app and firmware updates should fix this issue. Note that it can take 30-60 seconds or more for sleep and readiness data to show in the app. 

You can also try to close and reopen the app. Sometimes you may need to force quit the app in the phone settings.

  • There’s no connection between the ring and the app

If you experience Bluetooth connectivity problems, restarting the app and switching Bluetooth off and on in your phone settings helps. In some rare cases you may need to restart your phone.

You can also try the troubleshooting steps as listed in My ring won’t connect to my phone.

Note for Huawei users: 

We've discovered that some Huawei phone models have advanced settings for battery usage optimization for Bluetooth devices, and this has caused connectivity issues. If you're using a Huawei device and your ring doesn't connect to the app, please do the following: 

Go to your phone settings > Battery > Launch > Oura > Manage manually > check all checkboxes.

  • Airplane mode under construction

We're updating the airplane mode feature, and temporarily, you can switch the airplane mode on for 24 hours at a time. After that, the ring comes out of the airplane mode, but you can switch it back on immediately. 


Known issues for iOS

  • My app is stuck in the analyzing mode

There have been some reported cases where the app freezes during data analyzing mode. If you notice such problems, please make sure that you have the latest version of the app and the firmware. If the problem still persists, try first to force quit the app and open it again. If that doesn't help, the next step is to do a ring factory reset.


Known issues for Oura Cloud

  • Data differences between Oura app and Oura Cloud

There can be minor differences in the data between the Oura app and Oura Cloud (for example body temperature deviation and average heart rate). These differences can be caused by rounding errors or the selected time windows in the app and Cloud.

Also if you have taken a new ring into use it might have an effect on the readings.


If you face other issues with the ring, the app, or Oura Cloud, please contact our support team via Oura in-app messaging (send us a message from the settings menu) or email to techsupport@ouraring.com.

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