Oura is designed to help maximize your readiness – your ability to perform at your best both mentally and physically. To keep up with your performance and well-being, it's important to understand how your body responds to the demands of your daily life. Oura helps you optimize your activity levels based on how well your body has recharged from the challenges of your previous days.

Sleep is one of the most important variables to get right in order to help sustain both cognitive and physical performance. Variance in your resting heart rate as well as changes in your autonomic nervous system reactions over time indicate how well your body and mind recharge from the challenges of daily life.

Readiness Score

Ranging from 0-100%, the Readiness Score is a simple measure designed to help you identify days that are ideal for challenging yourself, and those that are better for taking it easy. The score, which is displayed as a percentage, is generated using all of the sensor data, physiological signals, sleep and activity patterns that are monitored by Oura.

The Readiness Score is affected by Readiness contributors, which are displayed as horizontal bars in the Readiness view. These parameters help you to evaluate how well your recent and cumulative sleep, activity and recovery are in balance. A Readiness Score above 85% indicates that you're well recovered. A score below 70% usually means that an essential Readiness Contributor, such as your body temperature or previous night's sleep, falls outside your normal range, or clearly differs from recommended, science-based values.

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