If you have a coupon code, time is running out and tensions are running high, read through this article first.

Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  1. Discounts at shop.ouraring.com are counted from the original price (for example, $299, $399 and $999)
  2. Only one discount per order
  3. Not all coupon codes are valid for every ring

I have a coupon code but it's not giving me the discount I want

Please note that the discounts are counted from the original price.

Check under Cart totals that the coupon being used is the one you want to use. Note that shipping is added to the price.

My coupon code gives me an error message

Check the spelling on your coupon code. UPPERCASE or lowercase spelling doesn't matter but each letter should be the same. Check that there are no extra characters (like ! ? . ,) at the end of your coupon code.

I have two codes I want to use

You can only use one coupon code at a time.

My payment is not going through

First, you could try a different device. If you're on your phone, try it with a desktop. If you're on a desktop computer, try your phone.

If that doesn't work, you could try a different browser.

If your payment gets stuck in some phase, it might be a problem with your credit card or bank. If possible, try another credit card or use Paypal to pre-order. Also check that you're using a credit card, not a debit card. If none of the above solves your problem, send us a message. 

Please note that during the holiday season, it might take longer for to get back to you. If the coupon code expires while you're waiting for an answer from us, don't worry. We'll figure something out.

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