Do you have a coupon code? Here are instructions on how to use one in the Oura shop.


  • Only one discount code can be used at a time
  • Balance Diamond may not be included in all coupon codes
  • Discounts are calculated from the original price


Add a coupon code manually

Let's run through how you could use a coupon code in the Oura shop.

  1. Let's say you have a coupon code: TH1SISNOTAVAL1DCODE
  2. Copy the discount code to your clipboard
  3. Head out to
  4. Choose your design and color.
  5. Choose either the sizing kit or your size
  6. On the Checkout page you'll see this view:

7. To add a code, tap the "I have a coupon code" in the bottom right corner.

9. Press Apply
10. Check that your coupon code has been applied. If you have used a valid coupon code, you'll see that it has been applied and the discount you get:

11. Enter your details and tap Place Order.
12. You're done!

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