Trouble Connecting with iOS

If your Oura ring no longer connects to the app

- Make sure Bluetooth is enabled on your mobile device. Try toggling it off and on.

-Make sure the ring is close to your phone

-Restart the app (make sure to also close it from the background). 

-Place the ring on the charger, make sure it's charging and keep it near your mobile device.

-Make sure that your ring isn't paired to any other device via Bluetooth.

-When you set up your new ring, ring pairing should be done via the Oura app, not in the mobile device settings. 

-Make sure you have the latest Oura app version installed.

-If you've checked the things mentioned above, and the problem persists, try the following steps one by one:

-Restart your mobile device.

-Reset the Bluetooth connection between the ring and mobile device by forgetting the ring from Bluetooth settings. To do this:

  1. Close the Oura app (also from background).
  2. Go to mobile device Bluetooth settings (Settings > Bluetooth).
  3. Find your ring from the list of devices (e.g. oura_0_A12B34CD5678), and tap the "i" to forget device.
  4. Open the app. The ring and app should reconnect.

Set up your ring as a new ring following these instructions: Set up a new ring

If none of the solutions above fix the issue, please submit a ticket.

Please note that due to a large number of requests, our customer service response times are currently longer than usual. To speed up the process, please provide us your Oura account email and if possible perform a manual backup of your data:

Settings > Account > Back up all data.

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