If your app is unable to find your ring while the ring is in your finger, connect the ring to the charger, keep your phone close to the ring, and try again.

If the problem persists

  • Check that your phone's Bluetooth is enabled and that you can see the ring in your phone's list of Bluetooth devices (Settings > Bluetooth).
  • If you can't see the ring in your Bluetooth settings, check that the ring isn't connected to any other device.
  • If the ring you're trying to set up has previously been in use, it needs to be reset before you can connect it to your app. If the app app informs you that the ring is in restricted mode, reset the ring and pair it again to continue. Learn more: What does "Restricted mode" mean?
  • If you're using the Android app, make sure that Location services are enabled on your device. Also, ring Bluetooth pairing should be done via the Oura app, not in the phone settings. 

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