How is the ring charged?

The first Oura ring comes in a ring box that is also the charger. The charger is connected to a power source* using a Micro-USB cable. A full charge takes 30-60 minutes. The battery life is typically 2-3 days.

To charge the ring, place the ring in the charger so that the two golden charging pads on the inside of ring are facing the charging pins on the charger. A dim white led light indicates the charging status: you'll know the ring is fully charged when the light stops pulsating and glows solid. 

If you've enabled battery notifications in the app settings, you'll be notified when your ring needs to be charged or when charging is complete.

To help ensure optimal battery performance

  • Instead of partial charging, charge the ring until the battery is full whenever possible. If the ring battery level becomes too low for full sleep analysis during the night, the ring automatically goes to power saving mode to continue monitoring your bedtime, wake-up time and activity.
  • Instead of charging every 2 or 3 days, charge the ring daily for 10-15 minutes until the battery is full.
  • A loose-fitting ring has to work extra hard to get a good signal, leading to increased battery consumption. Make sure that the ring fits snugly, without being too tight. If the ring's battery consumption is high, try if wearing the ring in a different finger makes a difference.
  • Battery consumption can also increase if the LED bumps inside the ring are dirty. If your ring uses more battery than usual, washing the ring carefully from the inside can help.

About the battery

The ring battery is a 40mAh Lithium-Polymer cell. The battery cannot be replaced, but it is specified to have 80% of capacity left after 300 charges, and one charge means two to three days of 24/7 operation. However, we have added some safety measures to extend battery life, and with that 80% capacity, you can still continue to use the ring for quite some time. In normal cases, the ring battery can be expected to last for a minimum three years of continuous use –and that's the point where the battery would still have 80% of its capacity.

*Any USB-A connector equipped power source works; your computer USB port that outputs power, your cell phone wall charger plug or a travel battery pack. Please note that some travel battery packs detect the device based on the current the device requires. Oura requires so little current that the battery pack might turn charging automatically off. The best travel battery packs for Oura are the ones where the user turns the power on/off.

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