Oura gives you a daily sleep score based on the quantity and quality of your rest. The score is affected by several sleep contributors, which all are displayed as horizontal bars in the sleep view.

How should I interpret my sleep score?

The sleep score ranges from 0-100. A sleep score above 85% usually means that your sleep quality and quantity are in balance, and that you meet the typical sleep needs of a person your age.

Here's what your sleep score tells about your overall sleep quality: 

  • 85 and over: Excellent night of sleep
  • 70-84: good night of sleep
  • 60-69: pay attention to your sleep
  • Under 60: Take action to improve your sleep

Good to know

Because sleep needs vary from person to person, it's good to evaluate and interpret your sleep score in relation to your feelings and performance level. Aiming for a perfect score isn't everything: If you feel refreshed in the morning and energetic throughout the day, your sleep score is most likely at a good level.

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