Congrats on your new Oura ring! Here's how to get started:

  1. After unboxing your ring, connect the Micro-USB cord to the ring charger and to a USB power source, such as a wall charger or your laptop. Place the ring in the charger so that the golden charging pads on the inside of the ring are in contact with the charging pins in the charger. You know the ring is fully charged when the light on the charger is constantly on i.e. stops "breathing". 
  2. While the ring is charging, visit the App Store. or Google Play on your device and download the free Oura app.  
  3. Once your ring is charged and you have the app downloaded to your device, launch the app, create an Oura account, and follow the app instructions to pair your ring with your phone. Make sure your phone's Bluetooth is enabled.
  4. Once paired, go to the app settings to set your age, height, and other personal settings - and you're all set!

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