Oura Teams allows coaches, doctors, and researchers to access the data of Oura users who have consented to sharing their data. Oura Teams provides both a high-level view into a group's status and also allows coaches to dive deeper into an individual's data. Oura Teams is accessible from the Cloud UI and is not accessible from the mobile app.

Oura Teams are organized into organizations. Each organization has at least one or more administrators and can also have coaches. An organization can have multiple groups. Members are invited to a specific team and, if they accept, their data will be visible to the organization’s coaches and administrators. Members can always leave a team, removing access to their data. Oura Teams is currently in beta.

What data is shared? Who can access this data?

When users join an Oura Teams group as a member, they share all the data that they themselves can access through the Cloud UI. This currently includes all data except for notes, activities, and Moments.

Currently, Oura Teams has three types of users:

  • Coaches. These users can create groups, invite members, and access all members' data in the Oura Teams organization.
  • Administrators. These users have the same permissions as coaches except they can also invite new coaches and promote them to administrators.
  • Members. These are the users whose data is visible in the Teams UI. Members do not have access to the Teams UI and cannot view other members' data (unless they are also a coach or administrator).

Note that a user can be an administrator, a coach and a member at the same time.

How can I get access to Oura Teams?

In order to get access to Oura Teams, contact Oura support.

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