Note: Available on iOS (version 2.7.0 onwards). Bedtime notifications for Android will be introduced later this year. 

To help you feel energetic throughout the day and sleepy at the right time in the evening, the Oura app guides you to find and maintain an ideal bedtime window

You’ll start seeing bedtime related insights right after the ring has tracked the first nights of sleep. The guidance gets more specific after a couple of weeks, when more data on your sleep quality and schedule is available.

Bedtime card

You can see your bedtime trends in the morning and throughout the day by tapping the bedtime card in the home view. 

After 8pm, the bedtime card content changes to guidance that helps you prepare yourself for a good night of sleep. 

Bedtime window recommendation

During the first weeks of use, the app searches for a sleep schedule that matches with your nights of good quality sleep: when you’ve slept long and restful enough, your sleep has contained a healthy pattern of sleep stages, and you’ve recovered well during the night. 

If such a schedule is found, you’ll start seeing a bedtime window recommendation in the bedtime card. 

Following your bedtime recommendation consistently, even on your days off, helps you sleep and recover well and stay energetic during the day. You can track your bedtime window adherence in the bedtime trend view.

  • The recommended bedtime window can vary between nights, depending on your sleep quality. As an example, if your bedtime is too late considering your wake-up time, the app will gradually guide you to go to bed earlier.

Learn more about bedtime window and ideal bedtime.

Bedtime notifications

In addition to seeing your recommended bedtime in the app, you’ll also get a bedtime notification every evening, 2 hours prior to your bedtime window. That’s the time to start winding down your body and mind, so that you’re ready for bed at the right time. 

You’ll get more information about unwinding for good quality sleep by tapping the bedtime’s approaching card in the app home view.

You can turn off bedtime notifications in the app: Settings > Notifications > Bedtime notifications.

New users

If you’ve just started to wear the Oura ring, you’ll see an introduction to bedtime guidance after the first week of use. To access it, tap the card in the home view.

Note: it'll take at least a couple of weeks for the app to track enough sleep data to give you a bedtime recommendation.

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