Note: Weekly report for Android will be introduced later this year. 

Starting from the iOS app version 2.7.0, you’ll get a weekly status report on your key readiness, sleep and activity metrics.

For each metric, the report shows your weekly average value. There’s also a trend chart showing the past week’s values for each day. Here’s what’s included in the report:


  • Readiness score
  • Resting heart rate
  • Heart rate variability


  • Sleep score
  • Total sleep time
  • Wake-up time (wake-up time trend for the past week, no average values)


  • Activity score
  • Activity goal completion
  • Inactive time

You can access the stats by tapping the weekly report card in the app home view. The card will appear in the home view during the first day of the week, depending on your phone’s region settings.

You can also scroll back to past week’s reports in the home view:

Good to know:

  • For the weekly report to show, you need to have data from the previous night, and you have needed to wear the Oura ring for at least 2 weeks.
  • The weekly report appears in the home view during the first day of the week, at the earliest 2 hours after you’ve woken up.

Weekly report notifications

By default, you’ll be notified when the weekly report is available. 

You can turn the notifications off in the app: Settings > Notifications > Insight notifications. 

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