Moment is currently available for iOS. To take a Moment, you need a second generation Oura ring, iOS app version 2.6.0 or later, and ring firmware version 1.16.1 or later. Moment for Android will be introduced later this year.

Why can’t I move around during my Moment? 

The Moment feature is designed to help you make time in your day to pause and recover, and give your body and mind a chance to unwind. Taking a Moment and being still can decrease your stress levels, improve the quality of your sleep and help you feel more energetic and focused. In addition, tracking accuracy especially for HRV is optimal when you sit or lie still. 

I want to use another app for audio during my Moment, is that possible?

Yes. In the Moment session setup view, choose an open-ended session and select “In silence” as the soundscape. Start the Moment session first, and launch your other app only after that.

Why does my ring need to be connected to the app when I start and end a session? 

The app uses Bluetooth to prompt the ring to start tracking your heart rate and heart rate variability (HRV). After the session, Bluetooth is needed for syncing your session data to the app. The ring and the app don’t need to be connected during your session. 

For how long can I track my daytime resting heart rate and HRV?

The longest timed session is 60 minutes. An open-ended session can last up to 180 minutes, depending on your ring’s battery level. Resting heart rate and HRV tracking consumes the ring battery more than normal daytime activity tracking.

How does Oura track daytime resting heart rate and HRV? 

Oura tracks your blood volume pulse from the palmar arteries of your finger with infrared LED sensors. From this data, Oura’s algorithms calculate your resting heart rate and HRV.

I got an error message saying that all heart rate data couldn’t be recorded. What does it mean? 

Getting an error message usually means that something disturbed the measurement quality during your session. If excessive hand movement is not the issue, check that the LED sensors on the ring are positioned on the palm side of your finger, and that they’re in close contact with your skin. If your ring feels loose, try wearing it on a different finger – but make sure that the ring doesn’t feel too tight, either. Check also that the LED sensors are clean. You can wash the ring with water and mild soap. Rinse and dry the ring thoroughly with a soft cloth.

Why does the data I see vary depending on the session duration?

To show an accurate HRV reading, your ring needs to track your heart rate for a specific amount of time. That’s why you see your HRV reading only after 3-minute sessions, and heart rate already after 1 minute sessions. To show meaningful heart rate and HRV trends, Oura needs at least 5 minutes of data.

Does taking a Moment affect my sleep, readiness and activity scores?

Not directly. However, taking a Moment to unwind can have positive effects on your sleep quality and overall wellbeing, which in turn can show in your future sleep, readiness and activity scores.

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