Moment is a new way to understand the impact meditation, breathing exercises, and relaxation have on your body. With Moment, you can see how taking a break affects your wellbeing by gauging daytime resting heart rate and heart rate variability (HRV).

Moment is currently available for iOS, with Android coming later this year. To take a Moment, you’ll need a second generation Oura ring, iOS app version 2.6.0 or later, and ring firmware version 1.16.1 or later, which can easily be updated in the app.

What is Moment?

Moment is a new Oura feature allowing you to see how your body responds to meditation, breathing exercises, and other moments of stillness by measuring your resting heart rate and HRV on demand. The feature is designed for sessions where you sit or lie still.

What can I get from taking a Moment?

Pausing for downtime when life gets busy can make a big difference in your daytime performance and overall wellbeing. By taking a Moment to relax, you can reduce stress, improve focus, and help your body recover and your mind re-energize. Before bed, Moment can be used to prepare your body for sleep. 

What can I track during a Moment?

During your Moment, Oura tracks your resting heart rate and HRV. In the session results, you can see your heart rate and HRV data, and how they compare to your nighttime baselines. 

Depending on the session duration, you’ll see the following data:

  • 1-2 minutes: lowest resting heart rate reading
  • 3 minutes: lowest resting heart rate and average HRV
  • 5-60 minutes: full resting heart rate and HRV trends
  • Open-ended session: 1-180 minutes. Heart rate and HRV readings according to timed sessions above. Full resting heart rate and HRV trends after 5 minutes. 

Getting started with Moment

How do I start a session?

To take a Moment, tap the + button in the home view.  

When you use Moment for the first time, you’ll first be guided through a short onboarding flow. Otherwise, you’ll see the Moment main view where you can choose your moment from three categories: Presence for meditation, Rest for naps and winding down, and Body status for other on-demand HR and HRV measurements. 

After choosing your session, you can edit the duration and soundscape in the session set-up view. Guided sessions have fixed durations, but you can set your preferred soundscape, or opt for a silent session with all session types.

If you don’t want to be notified when the session ends, you can disable the end chime by switching the toggle in the Soundscape menu. To follow the session timer throughout the session, switch on the Disable screen auto-lock toggle.

To begin your session, tap Start. First, you’ll see a 10 second countdown timer that allows you to find a comfortable position sitting or lying down. Once the countdown is finished, heart rate and HRV tracking will begin.  

Good to know

  • To help ensure the best measurement quality, try to stay as still as possible throughout the session, and avoid all hand movement.
  • Your ring and app need to be connected via Bluetooth when starting the session, and when syncing your data after the session. Before starting your Moment, make sure that your phone’s Bluetooth is on, and that your ring is not in airplane mode. 
  • For an uninterrupted Moment, turn on Do Not Disturb mode in your phone’s settings.
  • During an open-ended Calming sounds moment, the ring tracks your resting heart rate and HRV data for max 60 minutes.

Session results

After the session, you’re asked to rate your mood.  

Your session stats will appear in the Session details view. The level of detail depends on the session duration. For sessions under 5 minutes, you’ll see single readings. For sessions that last 5 minutes or longer, you’ll also see your heart rate and HRV curves.  

Tapping Done in the session details view takes you back to the home view. Tapping Delete permanently deletes the session, and removes it from your session history.

Session history view

You can access your Moment session history by tapping the history icon.

The history view lists all your sessions, and shows your lowest resting heart rate for each one. You’ll also see your mood, if you’ve entered it.

Exporting Mindful minutes to Health

You can export your Moment data to Health by enabling Mindful minutes during the Moment onboarding flow, or later by going to Settings > Health. Sessions in the Presence category are exported to Health. Rest and Body Status are not included.

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