In short, yes you can. Some of our customers that are mainly interested in their sleep data, have chosen to wear the Oura ring only during the night. Of course there may also be times when it's not possible to wear jewellery. For instance, in certain jobs jewellery or electronic devices may not be allowed, and there may also be some sports and activities where wearing the ring is not recommended.

If you choose to wear the ring only during the night, or otherwise "part-time" it's good to be aware of what data you can get. Oura ring measures activity during the day, and activities play a part in your readiness and overall health. In fact, the ring must be worn at least 1/3 of awake time so that the activity will play part in the following day's readiness score. Nevertheless, whenever the ring is worn all activity will be measured and shown in a graph. If the ring has not been worn long enough for the previous day activity to be taken into account for the readiness score, readiness will be calculated based on sleep, heart rate and body temperature.

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