Here's how you can order an Oura ring gift card.

  1. Go to the Products page at
  2. Select your gift card from three price options: the standard Oura ring, premium Stealth Oura ring or Balance Diamond Oura ring. Each gift card is good for the entire price of the ring, tax and delivery.
  3. Add the gift giver's name in the "Purchaser" field.
  4. Add the gift receiver's name in the "Recipient name" field.
  5. Write your greeting in the "Message" field. You can use or modify the default message, or create a personal note using your own words.
  6. Finally, select "Order" to proceed to checkout.

Good to know

  • Due to taxing reasons, gift cards can only be sold individually. If you wish to order other items, such as a sizing kit to go along with your gift, you'll need to create a separate order.
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