Congratulations on starting your Oura journey. Here's what you'll need to follow along these instructions:

  • Your new Oura ring
  • The Oura ring charger and USB cable
  • A USB power source (such as laptop)
  • An iPhone (iOS 11.0 or higher)
  • An Internet connection on your phone

Have everything? Great, let's get started. Below is a video overview of setting up your new ring if you don't have an Oura account. If you have the first Oura ring, watch this video.

Step 1: Download the Oura app from the App Store

Download the Oura app here. Or search for "Oura ring" in the App store. 

Step 2: Connect the USB cable to the Oura charger

Connect the small end (USB-C) of the USB cable to the charger.

Step 3: Connect the USB cable to any USB port

You can power the Oura charger from any USB port. Connect the large end (USB-A) to a USB port on your laptop, a USB dock or your phone's charger, for example.

Step 4: Place the Oura ring into the charger

The sensor bumps inside the ring must be on the side of the USB cable so that the ring falls snugly into place. It doesn't matter which side of the ring is facing up.

Step 5: Check that the light appears on the charger

When the charger is blinking slowly, the ring is charging. If you don't see a light, check that the USB cable is connected and that the ring is snugly in place.

Step 6: Open the Oura app

Follow the instructions in the app:

  • Tap Create an account
  • Read and accept the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy
  • Choose an email and a password for your account
  • Tap Create account
  • Tap Connect to search for your ring. It should be nearby and in the charger.
  • When you see your ring, tap Connect
  • Choose your notification preferences
  • Choose whether you want to connect to the Health app.
  • Add your personal info. We recommend doing this to get the most accurate feedback from the app. Tap Done.

Step 7: Charge the Oura ring

Leave the ring on the charger until the light stops blinking and glows steadily. This means it's fully charged.

Step 8: Start wearing the Oura ring 

During the first weeks of use the Oura ring and the app get to know you. You'll see your nightly metrics in the Oura app after the first night you've slept while wearing the ring.

You're ready to go! Have fun. If you feel like you'd like to find out more about what the Oura ring can do, have a look at the Oura Blog or browse

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