All new Oura ring designs are wrought out of titanium and are water resistant to 150 meters. The rings have a seamless, non-allergenic inner molding.  

The rings are coated for improved scratch resistance. Depending on the ring color, we use two similar types of coating methods: DLC and PVD coating.

  • Black and Stealth rings have a DLC coating
  • Silver rings have a PVD coating 

The rose rings have real rose gold PVD coating, and their scratch resistance is on par with common jewellery standards.

More about the ring:

  • Water resistance rating 100 m (verified to 150 m)
  • Ultra light-weight: 4–6 grams (lighter than a conventional ring) 
  • Three unique designs and four different color options, all with the same technical features and functionalities.
  • Available in 8 sizes, US6–US13
  • Width: 7.9 mm, thickness 2.55 mm (size of a wedding band) 
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