If your latest sleep and recovery data isn't visible in your Oura Cloud dashboard, you can try backing up your data manually in the Oura app settings:

  1. Check that your phone has wi-fi/mobile data enabled.
  2. Open the Oura app, and go to Settings > Account > Back up all data. 
  3. Once manual data backup is complete, it can take 0-3 hours before data is visible on Cloud dashboard. Depending on the server load. 

Good to know

  • Notes and tags are not currently visible in Oura Cloud.
  • Automatic backup happens in the morning when you open the app to see your sleep details, and there can be a delay of 1 hour or more before data is visible, even if the transfer has been successful. 
  • After the data has been sent to the Cloud from Oura app (either through the normal background sync or the "full backup" method) there's usually a 0-3 hour delay before it's visible in Oura Cloud. Generally the delay should be less than an hour but it may be longer depending on the server's load.
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