Oura is designed to work without demanding your attention. By default the app only gives you notifications about the ring battery level or inactivity. For notifications to work, the ring needs to be in your finger or in the charger connected to power, and your phone's Bluetooth needs to be enabled

You can change notification settings at any time in the app settings.

Inactivity alerts

When Inactivity alerts are enabled, Oura will remind you to get up and move after 50 minutes of inactivity. Once the alert goes off, you have 10 minutes to reset it. You can reset the alert by taking a brisk 1-2-minute walk, or by doing low level activities, such as stretching, for 2-3 minutes.

Battery notifications

If your ring battery is too low for sleep monitoring, the app gives you a low battery alert about 2 - 3 hours before your estimated normal bed time. 

Check troubleshooting tips for alerts here.

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