The Oura ring measures your movement with a 3D accelerometer. It tracks all your activities, from light housework such as vacuuming to heavy workout such as running. From the gathered activity data, it calculates among other your step count. 

You’ll find your up to date daily step count in the activity view:

When it comes to your metabolism, and avoiding excess sedentary time, every movement counts. That’s why the Oura ring tracks all your daily activity, eliminating only subtle finger movements from the step calculations. 

However, there’s a slight difference between dominant and non-dominant hand: if you wear your ring on the index finger of your dominant hand, your step count is probably a bit higher than if you would wear it on the index finger of your non-dominant hand. 

Note: to get the most accurate step count, make sure that your ring isn't too loose but sits snugly enough on your finger. The ridge of Balance, or the plain of Heritage, should face upwards all the time.

Steps are independent from calorie calculations. Your activity goal and goal progress are calculated and shown in calories together with your daily total burn. Calorie calculations take into account your age, gender, height and weight, and the intensities of your activities.

Note: if you add an activity manually, it won’t show in the step count, but is included in the calorie calculations. 

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