The new Oura ring ships with a new charger. The new charger is only compatible with the new Oura ring.

Ring battery life

  • Wireless charging
  • Battery life: up to one week
  • Charging times: 20–80 minutes depending on how often you charge the ring

Technical specifications of the charger

  • One color: black
  • Diameter 47.5mm
  • Max. height 17.39mm
  • Specific to ring size*
  • USB-C (USB-A to USB-C cable included)

*Why is the new charger size specific?

The new Oura chargers are ring-size specific, which means, for example, that you can only charge a US6 size ring with the US6 size charger. The wireless charging allows for a seamless inner molding for the ring, but also requires an exact fit between the ring and the charger to ensure good contact.

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